How Great Customer Service Keeps Customers Happy

I’m going to imagine that some of you probably want to know what is happening with the bank thing. After being given the run around from two different telephone customer service reps, and being made to feel like I wasn’t important enough because the amount of money taken from me was so little, I am pleased to report that today I got a resolution that goes above and beyond what I expected.

Problem Solved

I went into my branch to get some cash for the weekend and I was greeted by the same teller who gave me my new card on Monday. She asked if I’d gotten things resolved yet. She was flabbergasted to find out it hadn’t been dealt with yet. “Wait here,” she said. Off she goes to the branch manager’s office. The branch manager comes over and is absolutely horrified at the way I’m being treated. “We’re going to refund you the $19.95 right now. We used to do this as a rule, but recently changes were made and this service was taken away from us. We were told to refer everyone to the Dispute Department. Obviously that isn’t working.” I watched as the teller reversed the fraudulent charge and put the money back in my account. After getting hugs from both of them, and thanking them profusely, I walked out to do the rest of my errands.

Going Above and Beyond

But wait! What happened next has blown me away. When I got home, I noticed I had a voice message on my phone. It was from the teller at the Scotiabank in Arnprior. “Kathleen, I have been feeling really awful about what you’ve gone through this week, and that you were made to feel like you didn’t matter to Scotiabank. You do matter, not only  to the bank, but also to me. I really like seeing your smiling face in the branch and I would hate for this incident to cause you to leave us. So I am refunding 2 months of bank fees for you. Have a wonderful weekend.”

Bank Teller

Bank tellers still provide a great personal touch

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5 Responses to How Great Customer Service Keeps Customers Happy

  1. Really sweet and just keeps our faith that there are so many good people who are ready to help.

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    • It sure did restore my faith a little bit! In this age of smart phones and technology, where most people are absorbed in posting on Facebook, it was so nice to be reminded that great customer service still exists.


  2. Miriam says:

    That’s so great. I’m so pleased to hear that. And good to know that great customer service is alive and well.

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