Grandma’s Teapot



Grandma’s Teapot


For as long as I can remember, Grandma had this teapot. A simple Pyrex teapot that got used daily. I have no idea when she got it, but I can vividly remember it coming out at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter dinners when she lived in Hull (now Gatineau). When she moved to the condo in Ottawa, the teapot moved with her. She and her sister, Audrey, would get together pretty much every afternoon at 2pm and the teapot would get filled with Tetley Orange Pekoe tea. I loved the afternoons when I joined them. We’d sit there, drinking tea, laughing at the gossip from the building, talking about everything and nothing.

As I slowly adjust to not having Grandma in my life, I am periodically rocked by intense memories. And on those days, Grandma’s teapot comes out of my cupboard, filled with tea, and I let myself cry.



Time for a cuppa!


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4 Responses to Grandma’s Teapot

  1. susurrus says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve lost your Grandma but am glad the much-loved pot is there to serve up many more cuppas. I still have some of my beloved Mama’s bits and pieces around in use. I don’t believe a loved one ever really leaves you, though I know that’s not much consolation at the time – there is just too much of them in your heart.

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  2. This was a sweet and touching post. A lot of my fondest memories, past and present are around tea. So glad you have this tangible reminder of such a wonderful person in your life.

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