Memories at the Trailer

Yesterday I read a blog post by Miriam, entitled Morning Moods. In her post she talks about having breakfast cooked over an open fire. Which brought up memories of the trailer my family had when I was younger.

I will confess, I haven’t thought about the trailer in a very long time (I can’t remember for certain, but I think I was about 14 when my parents sold it). Of course now that I’ve started thinking about it, all these lovely memories are resurfacing:

1. Finding out my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister (and even though I was only 10 at the time, I was one the first people she told). My youngest sister was born in 1989 and I remember that the AIDS epidemic was being talked about a lot in the news. The weekend my mom told me she was pregnant, I can remember her coming out of the little trailer toilet, after being sick. She sat down at the table and I asked her if she was ok. “Kathleen, I think I’m pregnant,” she said. “Mom! Maybe you have AIDS!” I was horrified that Mom could be sick. “No, Kathleen. I don’t have AIDS. I’m pregnant.”

2. Getting our first dog, a black lab named Licorice. My middle sister and I had been away at Girl Guide Camp for a week one summer. Dad picked us up and we headed straight for the trailer. When we walked into the little add-a-room, my sister and I noticed a dog collar on the table. “Mom! Dad! Why is there a dog collar on the table?” “Oh, your dad and I were out walking and we found it. We picked it up so we could try and return it to the owner.” We continued into the trailer, and there was a beautiful black lab puppy. My sister and I started screaming we were so excited! Dad made us promise that we would NOT name the dog Blackie. So we named her Licorice.

3. Picking wild chives that grew next to our trailer

4. Catching frogs in the creek nearby.  My sister and I would tromp through the creek and catch frogs in tobacco tins.

5. Picking wild strawberries at Buddy and Betty’s trailer down the way

6. The Children’s Olympics that happened every summer

7. My first boyfriend was a fellow camper. His name was Austin (at least I’m pretty sure that was his name. It’s weird, I can totally see his face) and he kissed me at one of the dances the trailer park organized (Goodness, I haven’t thought about THAT in YEARS!)

8. Going up to the trailer in the winter, when there was no electricity or running water. Mom and Dad would light lanterns, and we’d have kerosene heaters going. We’d play board games and cards. Scrabble was a favourite of my parents’ and I can remember lying in bed and night, listening to them play “Dirty Scrabble” where they could only use swear words. Hahaha!

9. I learned how to cross-country ski at the trailer park. I wasn’t very good and I always managed to fall on the stupid hill (going up AND coming down!) but it was so much fun.

Aerial view of Baskins Beach Campground

Baskins Beach Campground, Dunrobin, ON

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9 Responses to Memories at the Trailer

  1. msw blog says:

    Interesting how memories always come trickling back 😉. You and your readers may enjoy these post.

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  2. Miriam says:

    Hi Kathleen, I wrote a comment but then it disappeared. Anyway, this is a lovely post and I totally enjoyed reading all your wonderful memories. Glad my post triggered these flashbacks, it’s nice to have a trip back in time. Thanks for the mention too. I had to laugh at the mention of Dirty Scrabble, brought back some of my own memories. 🙂 By the way, what did you do with those frogs you caught?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mrsgmh says:

    What lovely memories!

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