Sometimes We All Need a Do-Over

I reset and I am feeling way less cranky and annoyed with myself. I took 30 minutes to lie in bed and listen to some soothing music. And then I got up and went out. I didn’t end up buying a whole chicken, because seriously, I have SO MUCH FOOD HERE! I did pick up a couple things so I can make fajitas for dinner. Mmm…tortillas, guacamole, peppers, monterey jack cheese. I’ll use some chicken strips I already have here. Dinner will be ready around 6pm. 😉

I did buy myself a present though. As much as I’m living on a tight budget, I’ve learned that I do need to reward myself for getting out of the apartment. Because I will confess, I almost didn’t go out again today. And with the sun shining, staying in would have been really silly. Anyway, when I walked into Giant Tiger, I saw these cute little mini gardens in glass bowls. And when I saw this one, I couldn’t stop smiling, and I knew I had to have it.


A Little Piece of the Beach in my Home

According to the instructions, I need to soak the seeds overnight so I will get my beach planted tomorrow. And I’m going to add some shells that I’ve brought back from Barbados over the years.

So when you’re feeling cranky, don’t be afraid to reset and start over. It can really save the day.

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3 Responses to Sometimes We All Need a Do-Over

  1. Beach in the bowl looks adorable! x

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  2. mrsgmh says:

    Great way to turn it around, Kathleen! Your little beach in a bowl looks fun. I can understand why you felt out of sorts though, since you weren’t feeling well. Hope your new phone comes soon.

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