My Beach in a Bowl

Yesterday I mentioned that I had bought myself a present: A Beach in a Bowl. The store I got it at, Giant Tiger, had 3 others (Park in a Bowl, Mini Fairy Garden, and Mini Wildflower Garden). The company, Dune Craft, has a lot of interesting looking things.

So today, after my intake appointment with the Renfrew County Mental Health Services Unit, I came home and decided to plant my Beach. It didn’t take long, but it was fun to play in the dirt and then arrange my shells in the sand the way I wanted them.


Everything I need for my own little beach: planting medium, glass terrarium, seeds, shells, sand

I got the planting medium soaking in some water, and once it had expanded, I got my hands dirty, crumbling and patting it into the bottom of the terrarium.


Playing in the dirt

I planted three of each seed so if it works, I’ll have 3 little Cabbage Palms and 3 little Sabal Palms. Apparently the Cabbage Palms produce flowers…although not for 6-10 years. So I doubt I’ll see any. But I am hopeful that I will have little palm trees.

I then poured in the sand and arranged my shells. The largest one, that I put right in the middle, is one I brought back from Barbados. My little beach makes me smile.


My Beach in a Bowl

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7 Responses to My Beach in a Bowl

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  4. Cristina says:

    I will soooo try this 🙂 Love it !


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