Material Possessions are Smile Worthy

I want to share what made me smile today. And before I tell you, I want to confess that it is a purely material, first world thing. Parumpumpumpumpump! (that’s my attempt at a drum roll….ok…so I failed). My new cellphone arrived today!

I don’t upgrade my phone very often. And when I do upgrade, I don’t usually get the newest model. My last phone, upgraded in May 2013, was the Samsung Galaxy 2. When I got it, the Galaxy 4 was just being released. But I couldn’t get it (or the Galaxy 3) for free. So, Galaxy 2 it was. That’s my criteria for an upgrade. Can I get it for free?

Anyway, I finally decided after 4 years, it was time for an upgrade. And while I was pleased with my Samsung phone, I decided to try a different brand. I opted for the LG G5, which is the newest model of a phone I’ve ever gotten. I’m only one model behind! Haha!

I spent the afternoon playing around with it, tweaking settings and customizing it to my liking. So far I’m really pleased with my phone. I know…materialism at its finest. But for today, I’ll take it.

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