Homage to Arnprior’s Thrift Stores

Oh Dear Thrift Stores,
 You have things so Neat!
 Oh Dear Thrift Stores
 Where I find things so Cheap!
-silly little poem written by Kathleen (me)

So I may have a thrift store problem. In that I love poking around them and seeing what treasures I can find. And Arnprior has a fair number of them to choose from. I think this small town has 6 thrift/antique/collectibles stores. I have three that I go to on a fairly regular basis.

Thrift Store

My favourite of the three is The Opportunity Shop (and yes, their page is a Facebook page). This little shop accepts donations of all kinds of goods and then sells them to support Arnprior Regional Health. I’ve had so much luck here: finding lots of affordable fabric to practice with, an iron for $3. I got a pair of Merrell sandals for $1, and a pair of Nike sandals (that had never been worn) for $3. Today though, I stumbled on a real treasure. A 9″ cast-iron frying pan from Smart, manufactured in Brockville. I did a little bit of research and as far as I can tell, my frying pan is from no later than 1965 (when the manufacturing plant in Brockville closed).


A circa 1965 Smart 9″ cast-iron frying pan

I remember my mom had a cast iron frying pan, and my grandma did too. I have no idea where those pans ended up. I’ve wanted one of my own for ages. But I wanted an old, heavy one. So I was really excited when I stumbled upon this one today. I can’t wait to get cooking in it!

The second store I go to, is called the Ottawa Valley Thrift Store. This store also accepts donations of all kinds and it sells them to support Arnprior Seniors at Home. This store is a lot of fun to poke around in because it is packed. In fact, back in the fall, they moved to a larger location. I’ve had decent luck here too: fabric, buttons, a kettle, small roasting pans. They have a lot of kitchen gadgets, dishes, small appliances. I am due for another trip here soon.

The third store is The Treasure Chest (it’s a Facebook page) and while I haven’t had AS much luck here, it’s also fun to poke around. I have managed to get a couple of things: a food slicer/shredder, and a stovetop popcorn maker, like this one:


Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Please tell me I’m not the only person who likes second-hand shops. Do you have any where you live? Have you found anything interesting?


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4 Responses to Homage to Arnprior’s Thrift Stores

  1. Oh my gosh, I love thrift shops and consignment shops! There are two I go to a few times a month, just to see what they have, and I always enjoy seeking them out when we’re traveling. (Sadly, there were none in Times Square!) 😉
    That cast-iron pan is a true find – looks like it was well cared for! We have that popcorn popper too, but alas, we bought it new.

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