This Week’s Giggle

I want to share something with you all that made me laugh. Since my monthly income is extremely limited, I am trying to reduce my costs wherever I can. On May 1, hydro rates changed and so I’ve been really trying to watch when I have lights on, or my tv, or my stove.

Back in November, I applied for a credit, since I was even then considered a “low-income” household. Well, I was approved for a $45/month credit. Which sure came in handy over the winter. My apartment is heated with electric baseboard heaters, and even with the credit, I was paying $35+/month just to stay warm.

As the temperatures outside warmed up, I was thrilled to not have to turn on my heat. I figured my hydro bills would probably drop to around $20/month (after my credit). So when I opened my hydro bill yesterday, I couldn’t help but laugh. I owed $0.11. That’s right. 11 cents. CENTS. CEEEENTS! 11. Cents. Turns out that on May 1, not only did hydro rates DROP, but my credit INCREASED by 50%. I now get $68/month off my hydro bill. If I play my cards right, next month Hydro One will be paying me to use their service.

Yes, I know there’s a provincial election looming. I’m under no illusions as to what this increased credit means. But as someone who desperately needs the help, I will take whatever is offered to me.

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3 Responses to This Week’s Giggle

  1. Miriam says:

    Bingo! Isn’t it great when it’s in your favour. Love it.

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