Being Thrifty at Breakfast

I went out for breakfast with a couple of girlfriends this morning. And they got to see full evidence of my thrifty, frugal nature.

First of all, I want to tell you how much I love breakfast. I quite often eat breakfast for dinner. Eggs, sausages, bacon, HOMEFRIES. Mmmm……and yes, I can make breakfast at home, but I really LOVE going out for breakfast.

Today I wanted Eggs Benedict, but I did NOT want to pay $12.95 for it. So I ordered the 2 eggs with meat breakfast and asked for Hollandaise sauce on the side. Like Ikea furniture, my breakfast required some assembly.  And yes, I was charged for the sauce (I figured I would be), but my Eggs Benny cost $8.90. I’m thrifty AND resourceful!

The truth, I really wanted those Eggs Benny, and I wasn’t going to let the price get in my way. I can’t be the only person who does stuff like this. Please tell me I’m not. Tell me your stories of thriftiness.


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3 Responses to Being Thrifty at Breakfast

  1. Jen says:

    Nice maneuvering! I usually don’t order meat at our breakfast spot–it really raises the price and it’s such a bummer if the bacon isn’t cooked right.

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