Retail Therapy and Window Shopping is Good for the Soul

Today I went out. I went out yesterday too. But yesterday was for an appointment. Today was for fun. Or rather, I made it about fun.

I had to go pick up a prescription and while I waited for it to be filled, I popped into one of my favourite stores here in Arnprior: The Artful Gallery (and yes, it is a Facebook page, sorry). I love the funky, unique clothing that this store sells. And the staff is lovely. A few weeks ago I tried on a t-shirt, and left very disappointed because it didn’t fit. I will admit that since all my clothing fits, I didn’t really realize that I had gained that much weight since this episode began. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Anyway, today I was taking a look at the outside sale rack, when the lovely associate (Penny, I think), popped out and asked how I was doing. I replied “fine,” and she then continued to say that she’d been worried because she could tell how disappointed I was the last time I left the store. And I will admit, I had been. Because I really wanted the t-shirt, but I just felt like a sausage in it. She told me if I had some time, she’d be glad to show me some new stock that she thought would be much more flattering on me.

Now, normally, I hate shopping for clothes. I’m short, fat, and nothing ever fits right. Well, she pulled pieces that made me feel fabulous. I spent over an hour trying on clothes. She put 5 pieces aside so that I could think about them and I will go back on Saturday and try them all on again with a better bra. While I would love to buy all five items, I don’t have $300 to spare. But, I will treat myself  to a couple of items on Saturday. Because I deserve to look and feel good.


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7 Responses to Retail Therapy and Window Shopping is Good for the Soul

  1. Well so many, even me I don’t have all that much of cash for clothes. But I buy a few items that I can mix and match. Its really interesting to do that. You can buy a top for a old skirt or trouser, and its a new kit. And “please don’t think of being short, fat and fits nothing” !!! Not all are shapely and you do say you looked fabulous in some. See there are clothes that suits your figure. Do not put yourself down. Wear well. You need to be well groomed to feel good. It does not have to be expensive clothes or things. I wear very simple things generally other than a special occasion. Boost yourself as there are so many ways and things to do so and feel happy. We are born to live happily and we deserve to live Happy. Did you read my recent articles about healing ? Love, Light and Healing Energies from me 🙂 ❤


  2. Good for you! Retail therapy is most definitely good for the soul 😊


  3. Lisa says:

    The right bra (or even a better fitting one) always makes a huge difference!

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  4. Miriam says:

    Yay, good for you. You DO deserve it. Happy shopping.

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