Meet one my of Hobbies: Sewing

I think I might slowly be getting myself back. Today I decided to tackle a sewing project. Even though I just bought some lovely new clothes this past weekend, I do have lots of gorgeous fabric that I have plans for. So, I taped together a pattern and started cutting pieces.


Getting started on a dress (Sunshine Dress by Patterns for Pirates)

Now, I haven’t been sewing for very long. Back in grades 7 and 8, I made a pillow and sweatshirt for Home Economics class…but I haven’t really touched a sewing machine since then. Over Christmas, I got the brilliant idea that I wanted to start making my own clothes. Let me tell you, I’m really slow at it. I don’t have a lot of space so I don’t have a great table for cutting fabric or patterns. I lean over my bed, which is horrible for my back. But working on the floor is even worse on my knees. So I slowly cut fabric and take lots of breaks. This afternoon I got the bodice mostly assembled. Mostly. I’m fighting with pinning the neckband on properly. And tomorrow I’ll fight with the arm bands. And hopefully get the skirt cut out. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes.


My in-progress Sunshine Dress

I do think it will turn out really nicely. And I will look fabulous in it.

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3 Responses to Meet one my of Hobbies: Sewing

  1. Wow, nice fabric! I’m sure it’s going to look awesome!☺ I’ve been thinking of making a skirt or something, maybe I should really give it a try. Would love to see it when you’re finish😊

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