Is it possible to be addicted to plants and gardening?

So I don’t have a big apartment, but I have discovered that it is really great for growing plants. I never used to be able to keep indoor plants alive. I used to tell my family and friends if they wanted a plant killed, to give to me. However, I appear to have gotten much better at keeping houseplants alive. And even getting them to grow!

I know I’ve told you that my Christmas cactus has been putting out new leaves, well, we’re now up to 7 new leaves! This one makes me really happy because these cuttings came from Grandma’s cactus.  The other cactus cutting I have is from her sister’s, and I was thinking it wasn’t going to do anything. But I was wrong. It is also putting out a new little leaf!


Left: Christmas cactus putting out a new little leaf; Right: Beach in a Bowl is finally sprouting a palm tree!

And My Beach in a Bowl has finally decided to do something. Yes, I did plant 6 seeds. And so far only 1 has sprouted. But I figure one is better than none. I have the glass terrarium wrapped in plastic wrap to create a greenhouse of sorts. So I’m going to keep it like that a little longer and see if I can get a couple more seeds to sprout.

Last week I planted the seeds of an African Daisy, as well as some herbs (basil, thyme, oregano). Well, they are ALL sprouting! And my purple shamrock has FINALLY decided to send up another shoot. I’m thrilled because Grandma had a green shamrock, and I know she would have loved a purple one.

With all the plants I currently have (because let’s not forget my avocados, spider plants, or aloe vera), you’d think I’d stop. But no. I went out today and bought more. And pots to put them in (I’ll be planting them tomorrow).


Meet my new plants, from back to front: a Begonia Rex, a succulent called Pork and Beans,  a Moon Cactus, a Dracaena, and a Croton (with the red leaves)

I really need to stop buying plants. I now need to see about getting a shelving unit to put them all on.

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2 Responses to Is it possible to be addicted to plants and gardening?

  1. mrsgmh says:

    Yes you can get addicted to plants and gardening. My husband and I are complete amateurs. We buy half-price plants that have seen better days and plant them in our garden and pots and hope for the best. Nine times out of ten they grow! I’ve bought three tomato plants this year as I’d love to grow our own food. I will be amazed if we get any tomatoes though – lol!

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