There is Definite Improvement

I am getting better. I can see the improvements with each passing day. I am now getting out of my apartment 3-4 days a week, instead of only once. 

Yes I still feel anxious when I go out, but I am no longer dealing with full on vomiting and almost fainting. I now deal with crazy sweating and heart palpitations. But I think they are an improvement.

I’ve had the energy lately to do things around the apartment. I’m almost finished making a dress. Today I repotted some plants. Yesterday I was out and about for almost 4 hours. And I felt AMAZING.

Here are my new plants, all repotted in their new homes. I worked on my balcony because I knew I’d spill dirt all over the place.

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3 Responses to There is Definite Improvement

  1. Miriam says:

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better. Good for you Kathleen. 😊

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