Just a general update: Plants and a Lunch Date

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. But I didn’t just buy groceries. I poked around the grocery store’s Garden Centre first. And after getting my groceries, I went and bought a pretty peach Begonia hybrid and a flat of four portulaca. I have no idea what colour mine are yet as the buds haven’t opened yet. I then had to get a couple more planters and some soil for the balcony. And I got a geranium.


More plants. These ones are for my balcony though: Begonia Hybrid, Geranium, Portulaca

I also want to show off my purple shamrock. And while it doesn’t show in this picture, there are actually TWO new shoots! I am so excited!


My purple shamrock is growing!

My Beach in a Bowl is sprouting a SECOND palm tree! And my smaller Christmas cactus also has a second new leaf. I am really enjoying my plants. I love looking at them every day, to see if they are doing anything. I love when I notice a new leaf or shoot. Knowing that I’m growing things that bring colour to my life make me smile. My balcony now has 4 planters, with a variety of pretty colourful plants in them. I also sprinkled some wildflower seeds in the pots so I’m hoping those will grow and attract bees.

A Planned Lunch Date with my Great-Aunt

Today was an outing I was REALLY looking forward to. When I last visited Audrey, I noticed a bus trip from her retirement home to the Robert Simpson Park here in Arnprior. The home has picnic outings through the summer and today’s was the first of the season. Audrey put her name down for the trip and I told her I meet her at the park and have lunch with her. I called yesterday to confirm she going. Oh yes, I was told. We’ll make sure she gets on the bus.

I packed up my lunch, grabbed my beach chair and walked down to the park. Under the gazebo, there was a group of seniors sitting at the picnic tables. I walked over and as I got closer, my heart started to sink. Audrey wasn’t there. The supervising staff noticed me and I explained who I was and why I was crashing their picnic. “Oh, Audrey’s name wasn’t on the list I was given this morning. There were some names obviously crossed off, but I couldn’t read them through the marker.” I thanked the staff and turned to go have my lunch alone. But they wouldn’t let me leave. The chef, who was manning the BBQ, said, “Since you’re here, you should stay and join us. Would you like a burger or a hot dog?” I said I had brought my lunch. “Nonsense,” he replied, “if Audrey had been here, you’d be having a burger or a hot dog with us. Please, there’s lots of food and I don’t want to take any of it back home.” So I had a lovely lunch with a chatty, feisty group of seniors. When they left to get back on the bus for the drive home, several of them gave me a hug and thanked me for joining them. When I told them I’d be at the residence on Friday, they all invited me to join them for the cocktail and entertainment hour.

Tomorrow I will tell you about one of the women I was chatting with today. After doing a bit of research, she definitely deserves more than a brief mention. What she had the strength to do is truly remarkable, so stay tuned!


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4 Responses to Just a general update: Plants and a Lunch Date

  1. mrsgmh says:

    Phew, that’s OK then!


  2. mrsgmh says:

    What a lovely lunch date. Was Audrey OK? I was wondering why she didn’t make it. Glad your plants are all doing well. We bought a lavender this year and the bees love it. There’s always at least three on the flowers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Goodness! I can’t believe I forgot to mention why Audrey wasn’t there. Haha! I called her as soon as I got home and she told me that she had simply decided she didn’t want to go. And of course she felt awful that she’d forgotten that I was going to meet her. She’s 96. She forgets things. 🙂 I was just glad that nothing was wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Miriam says:

    Sounds like a nice day out!


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