I’m Kathleen, Killer of Indoor Plants


My once Beautiful Plants (specifically the Begonia Rex at the top)

Oh Poor Begonia Rex. I remember the day I brought you home, so full and beautiful. Your colourful foliage made me very happy. I made sure to read up on how to care for you properly. Apparently though, I am doing something very, VERY wrong.

Yes, those are my Begonia Rex now. Even though I thought I wasn’t watering them too much, it turns out I was. Especially the one in the white pot. The poor, sad plant was definitely suffering from too much love. I trimmed off the brown, water-logged roots, changed the soil, and gently re-potted the poor thing. Of course, I am now TERRIFIED of watering it. I did check the roots on the Rex in the blue pot, and they seemed ok. But it is just a very sad plant. I feel like these poor Rex plants might just get chalked up to an indoor gardening experiment gone sideways. All I wanted was to have some plants that weren’t just GREEN. I am going to keep babying these poor things, and see if I can’t nurse them back to health. I’m a horrible plant mom. And I feel so awful.

I am apparently MUCH better with outdoor plants though. It sure helps that Mother Nature does all the work for me. I just get to enjoy the pretty flowers that are blooming. Well, except for my geranium. All the colourful petals have blown off. But, it is putting out new growth, so it’s not dead yet. And my portulaca and outdoor Begonia hybrid, Miss Montreal, are doing AMAZING! I love that my portulaca are multi-coloured. They make me so happy.


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5 Responses to I’m Kathleen, Killer of Indoor Plants

  1. sophililoquy says:

    I always kill basil plants…it makes me so sad because no basil = no pesto đŸ˜¦

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I love plants, but exactly what they need to thrive is a mystery to me, too. Some of my houseplants are around for years, but others don’t last long at all. And I don’t understand the difference!

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  3. mrsgmh says:

    Some plants are just difficult. Love the portulaca – I’ve never seen them before. I only bought a geranium once – it soon died. I had problems with marigolds too – they all went mouldy. You’re doing great with your balcony plants.

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    • I’ve never had trouble with geraniums before. Since I’ve always planted them in balcony planters, the wind tends to blow the petals off. But they usually bounce back, so I’m optimistic about this one. As for the poor begonia rex, I’m now wondering if they are suffering from low humidity. I’ve currently got them in plastic bags lol.

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