Small Mission Accomplished!

Today I did something that I’ve been wanting to do, and trying to do, for a few months. And I know to some of you, it might seem like a rather silly accomplishment. But to me, it’s huge.


I WENT FOR A WALK TODAY!!!!! And it was a walk with no other purpose, except to get outside and walk. I did not run any errands, I did not purchase anything. I simply walked for almost 5km. I will confess, I was very anxious before I went out. There were heart palpitations and lots of sweating, and I was VERY dizzy. And for the first 10 minutes, I kept thinking that I’d only walk around the block and then head home. But I walked through it and the anxiety passed. I was so pleased with myself when I got home. I can’t wait to tell my Case Manager tomorrow.

Oh! And I finally got approval to join the Recovery Outreach Program. So Wednesday will be my first day. I’ll be participating in a plant care session and a therapeutic journaling session. I’m looking forward to it and working towards getting back to myself again.

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6 Responses to Small Mission Accomplished!

  1. Miriam says:

    Good for you Kathleen. Hope it was the first walk of many.


  2. Well done. So good to hear your progress. Keep going and we like to hear your progress. All the best 🙂

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  3. mrsgmh says:

    That’s excellent Kathleen – well done! That was a long walk too. Keep it up. I’m glad you’ve been accepted into the Recovery Outreach Program. Great news!


  4. Ann Coleman says:

    Good for you!!!


  5. affliction0 says:

    Congratulations Kathleen! I admire your strength to push through that anxiety and challenge yourself to walk that distance! I can tell it took a lot of effort to do that and applaud you for taking these steps to ensure your personal well-being. I look forward to hearing about your experiences, and achievements, in the Recovery Outreach Program. Take Care 🙂

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