Here I go again…turning my life upside down

Some big changes are on the horizon for me. And I’m not going to lie, they scare me. Because they mean I’ll be living with people again. But I was presented with an opportunity that should benefit everyone involved.

So, here goes: I’m moving to Kingston. My sister and her boyfriend have offered me a job. I’ll be babysitting my nephews. And because of their schedules, I should be able to pick up about 10 hours a week at one of the nearby stores.

I’ve been trying it out for the past week and I’m really enjoying getting to know my youngest nephews better. And my sister and I have been spending time together, going for walks, watching movies, baking and cooking, sewing.

I’ve been in Arnprior for almost 2 years now and honestly, I still feel like an outsider most of the time. So, I think a change is just what the doctor ordered.

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4 Responses to Here I go again…turning my life upside down

  1. Miriam says:

    Hi Kathleen, it’s been a while. Hope the move and all the changes went well.


  2. mrsgmh says:

    Sounds ideal to me, Kathleen. I shall look forward to further blogs all about it 🙂

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Good luck on the next chapter of your life, my friend!


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