The Scary World of Online Dating

Online dating is NOT for the faint of heart. Five days in and I’m already thinking I was insane for trying this route again. Allow me to share some of the gems.

  1. I have been asked 8 times already for pictures of my breasts.
  2. One guy has informed me that he has fantasies about having sex with sisters, where one sister watches.
  3. One guy asked if he could watch me pee.

But here’s the winner so far. Today I was offered $200 to give a guy a blow job. And this class act put in his profile that he’s looking for a relationship. I blocked his sorry, pathetic profile.

Monday’s date was a bust. And I really should have clued into the fact that he didn’t even take his jacket off, or offer to get me a coffee. We sat on an uncomfortable bench in the bookstore and talked for an hour. At least he drove me home. Which was nice, because it was raining.

I honestly remember this being more fun when I was younger. In university, it was a blast. As a poor student, it was a great way to get out. It became a game: how many cups of coffee could I get in a week. But now, as I see 40 storming over the horizon, this isn’t fun. funny-dating-memes

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2 Responses to The Scary World of Online Dating

  1. mrsgmh says:

    Don’t give up. There are nice men out there on the dating websites. Try talking to them for longer before you decide to meet them. Make sure they send you lots of pics and you send them lots of pics (not of your boobs – lol!), so that you both get to know each other better. Having spoken to people who have successfully used dating websites, this is what they did. Good luck 🙂

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  2. Miriam says:

    Oh dear, that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Good luck to you. 😌

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