Well, This has Been Eye-Opening

I am always an optimist. I truly believe in the good in everybody. Unfortunately, online dating is shaking my very belief system to its core. There are oh so many jerks out there.

Let me ask you this. Why would you give someone your phone number if you don’t want to hear from them? That’s right…The Chef. We did manage to reconnect. But that lasted for 12 hours. I haven’t heard from him since.

Anyway, I have decided to change direction. Because honestly, this whole experience is doing my head in. My anxiety and depression are through the roof, while my self-esteem is in the shitter. So, I’m now just going to focus on making friends and expanding my social circle. Which here in Kingston, is nobody. Even one friend would be nice.

I have joined Meetup and am now a member of a couple of groups there. I’m meeting up with several people this Wednesday to go for a walk downtown and end up at a pub for a beer. Or a soda. Or whatever I decide I’m drinking that night. I’m also looking at the Kingston Spring and Summer Recreation Guide. There are a few things that look interesting, but because of my sister’s schedule (which impacts my schedule), I’m not sure I can commit to a multi-week class. At least with the Meetup things, I can RSVP up until the day of, so I can wait and see what my day looks like.

I am keeping my profile up on POF, but I’m going to try not taking it so seriously. Because I am SO much better than most of the crap on there.

I must be a squirrel

My latest online dating experience

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