Returning to Routines

There’s definitely something to be said for consistent routines. Over the past 3 weeks, the household’s routines have been all over the place. And I am really looking forward to Monday, January 7th when they return to normal.

The kids are getting on each other’s nerves, as they’ve spent so much time together during the Christmas Break. The oldest wasn’t happy with some of the toys he got for Christmas, so he keeps asking the youngest to play with his toys. And while the youngest almost always says “yes”, I wish he’d say “no” more often. Of course, the youngest isn’t without his annoying quirks either. He’s developed this irritating baby talk squawk thing where he’ll walk around going “Meh, Meh, Meh.” It’s hard to explain in writing, but let me tell you, it’s annoying as heck.

I’m also trying to develop some routines of my own. Primarily making myself sit down to spend some time on my hobbies. I try to set aside 15-30 minutes in the evening  to do some sketching. I’ve joined a small group on Facebook where the administrator posts a daily prompt. At this stage in my art journey, I find it very helpful to be told what to draw. So I’ll look at the prompt, and then for 15 minutes, I make some sketches. At the end of the first 15, if I have any sketches that I really like, I’ll take another 15 minutes and try to flesh out my favourite. So far my sketches aren’t really for public viewing, but I have created a few pieces I’m quite proud of.


Some of my tulip drawings

I’ve also decided to try again to stick to a budget and make scheduled savings contributions.  I sat down on New Year’s Eve and got it set up. I want to have a small savings cushion by the end of 2019. And I’m ashamed to admit that I have no retirement savings. I haven’t exactly been rolling in money to be able to save anything. But that changes this year. With the budget I created, I can easily indulge in my hobbies (like buying fabric, plants, and art supplies), AND manage to have both a savings account for larger purchases (like train fare to Ottawa or Montreal or Toronto) and set up an RRSP. I will be phoning my bank this week to go in and get that account opened.

How many of you are looking forward to your regular routines again? Anybody adding anything new to their routine?


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