Local Business Spotlight: Art Noise

Since diving into drawing and painting, I find that I have questions. Lots of questions. Questions about technique. Questions about tools. Questions about my ability to even do this. Of course, Google is helpful and I’ve definitely made use of YouTube videos. However, there is something to be said about human contact. So in today’s blog, I’d like to shine the spotlight on an Art Supply Store here in Kingston.

Allow me to introduce you to Art Noise, a fun and funky shop located at 290 Princess Street, in the heart of Kingston, Ontario. They sell art supplies, audio products, and offer classes. So far I’ve only delved into the art supply offerings but I hope to take a class there soon. Part of what draws me to Art Noise is the staff. I’ve been in three times (since November) and all three times the staff has been incredible. It doesn’t hurt that they have a great selection of items and the prices seem really reasonable to me. Oh, and there’s a loyalty program too! In fact, I got $10 off my last purchase!

My first visit, I had no clue what I was doing, what I was looking for, or even the right questions to ask. I wanted to buy some actual drawing pencils and I was rather overwhelmed by the available options. But luckily Fiona was there to help me out. She patiently explained the different types of pencils and what the numbers and letters on them mean. She showed me some pre-made kits, as well as the individual pencils. I gave her a budget of $20-$25 and she put together a great little starter kit for me. I walked out of Art Noise that day with the supplies to get me started drawing and painting. Another thing that impressed me about Fiona was that she didn’t try to oversell stuff to me. She understood that I was a total beginner, didn’t want to spend a fortune (only to discover I didn’t enjoy this hobby), and didn’t make me feel stupid for my questions, or the fact that I am using a sketchbook from the dollar store. Or dollar store paint brushes.


My first actual Art Supplies, purchased at Art Noise, Kingston

My other two visits have been equally as awesome. I’ve bought new paintbrushes (yes, I upgraded the dollar store brushes) and more watercolour paints. I also want to point out that Art Noise carries Tri-Art Mfg. supplies that are LOCALLY MADE HERE IN KINGSTON! I have 4 tubes of Tri-Art’s watercolours and I love them. With my limited experience, I find the colours are rich, easy to mix and blend, and they have a great selection to choose from.

The only unfortunate thing about Art Noise (and I say this totally tongue in cheek), is that they don’t have an online store. However, I think the awesome selection, bright and clean layout, and the AMAZING STAFF make this a store worth checking out.

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