Hello Mr. Robin, Harbinger of Spring

Today I saw a robin, that Harbinger of Spring. And even though the day was grey, dreary, and cool, I couldn’t help smiling as I watched Mr. Robin Red Breast hop along the grass.

First Robin sighting of Spring 2019

Robin Red Breast, Harbinger of Spring

Catching a glimpse of his bright red breast feathers is enough to remind me that Spring is here. And that soon the days will warm up, the sun will shine, and flowers will emerge. Because I am SO TIRED of Winter. I’m tired of the cold, the snow, the low-lying clouds that make me feel gloomy. I want to go for walks and not worry about slipping on an icy sidewalk.

So for now, I’ll rejoice in the small signs of Spring and enjoy each one as they appear.


New plants, from a local florist that had just received their first Spring shipment. Plants ALWAYS bring a smile to my face.

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