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A Picture Post of Portulaca (Memories of Mom)

When I was growing up, I remember watching my mom plant pretty flowers in the front and back gardens. I loved how Mom would use interesting containers as planters: a half barrel, a cracked toilet, an old wood burning stove. … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Teapot

    For as long as I can remember, Grandma had this teapot. A simple Pyrex teapot that got used daily. I have no idea when she got it, but I can vividly remember it coming out at Christmas, Thanksgiving, … Continue reading

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My first Tattoo

So, this happened today. Bringing together Barbados and the partial lyrics of a song by the Rankin Family, I have a tattoo that reminds me of my family. And the location means that they have my back. Pain? What Pain? I … Continue reading

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In Honour of my Mom

Yesterday marked seven years since my Mom died. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. It was all so sudden, and my sisters and I had to make the decision to take Mom off life support. Horrible, horrible, … Continue reading

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Fulfilling a small dream…

For years, I have thought about getting a tattoo. But I didn’t want to rush into it. I wanted to make sure that the moment was right. That I end up with something that is really meaningful to me. As the … Continue reading

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Sharing Grandma’s eulogy

When Grandma died, my uncle asked  me to deliver the eulogy at Grandma’s funeral. I was so touched. I want to share what I said, because I want people to know how important Grandma was to me. And this is … Continue reading

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Another Christmas gone (or Feeling Nostalgic about years gone by)

Memories of Christmases past So, it’s Boxing Day here in Canada and I’m sipping a cup of coffee with eggnog in it. I always end up feeling a little (ok so maybe a lot) let down after a big holiday. I … Continue reading

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