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Small Town Living

After almost 2 years, I think small town living is growing on me. People recognize me when I go out, go into stores, or the library. The staff at my pharmacy knows my name. The library staff recognize me and … Continue reading

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Material Possessions are Smile Worthy

I want to share what made me smile today. And before I tell you, I want to confess that it is a purely material, first world thing. Parumpumpumpumpump! (that’s my attempt at a drum roll….ok…so I failed). My new cellphone … Continue reading

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My Beach in a Bowl

Yesterday I mentioned that I had bought myself a present: A┬áBeach in a Bowl. The store I got it at, Giant Tiger, had 3 others (Park in a Bowl, Mini Fairy Garden, and Mini Wildflower Garden). The company,┬áDune Craft, has … Continue reading

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